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Congratulations. It’s a great decision to empower yourself, your staff or your family to keep their social media accounts secure.

Learning to apply effective privacy and security to your social media and gaming accounts means your risk will be minimised, while you get to enjoy the benefits of online interactions.

To help you educate yourself and learn how to guide your children to secure your social media accounts, Eyes Open Social Media Safety now offers a range of delivery options including face-to-face at our training facility and online courses.

All of our secure your account courses assist you to:

  1. make your profiles private, so that no one can see anything about you until you choose to become their online friend
  2. increase your security to significantly reduce the risk of someone gaining unauthorised access to your accounts
  3. set permissions to manage the potential impact of your friends behaviours
  4. better understand how to adopt protective behaviours to allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of a fun and much safer social networking journey

The main focus of our courses is to guide you to quickly and effectively protect yourself and those you love.  Our courses are completely appropriate for adult and child use, as protecting yourself on social networking sites is crucial for all social media users.  

If  you are a parent, it is important to know that your security, has a direct impact on how safe your children’s experience is.

At all appropriate stages, we offer suggestions to allow you to make informed choices about the privacy and security settings that you apply.

Secure Your Social Media Accounts - Online Courses

Congratulations! It’s a great decision to empower yourself and those you love to keep all social media accounts secure. A clean digital footprint now leads to more options later, and your child will be safer from those who mean to do harm.

(Skip the babble and get straight to the courses)

The online form of our highly successful social media workshops, include:

  • the main course, includes 40-50 subjects that teach you:
    • which features on social media sites hold information that could be used to harm you;
    • how the features are used, that may put you at risk; and
    • what you need to change to reduce the risk
  • site specific “how to” lessons, that teach you:
    • where to find the security settings for each feature that puts you at risk
    • how to change the security; and
    • the setting we suggest you apply

Note: the number of subjects in the main course that you purchase is dependent on which social media sites you include for your “how to” subjects.


  • To ensure that your children are surrounded by a safety net, while they learn how to process and filter risks in the digital world?
  • To find a quick solution to help your children because you are busy and need to focus your energy on what you are good at?
  • To understand social media so that arguments about it are less frequent?
  • To protect the investment that you have made in your child’s future?

To order our ONLINE WORKSHOP click here!


How much does the course cost?


$97 for the main course (which includes one social media site “how to”)

Plus $25 per additional social media site “how to” lessons


What social media sites does the online course cover?

Answer:  Course subjects

Our online courses currently offers safety and security options for:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Snapchat;
  • Tik Tok

We also run face-to-face workshops in our Milton, Queensland Training Facility for: 

  • LinkedIn;
  • Pinterest;
  • Roblox;
  • Minecraft;
  • Twitter;
  • WhatsApp
  • Google+
  • Skype
  • Fortnight
  • Discord ; and more


How long will the online course take to complete?


The courses are each around 1.5-2 hours of lessons


Who should do these courses?


Your whole family!  

 Do you really understand the Facebook settings?

Have a look at the timeline and tagging settings below:







It would be reasonable to assume that if you set the first setting to “FRIENDS” and the second to “ON”, that this means that you are allowing your friends to post on your timeline, but before anyone gets to see the posts, you get to review and approve the content.  Right?

CLICK HERE IF YOU AGREE (To find out if you are correct)

Public Face-to-Face Workshops



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Teacher PD Online Course

Teachers, are you looking for some professional development that you can undertake in your own time?  Eyes Open Social Media has created a PD course which is used by the ClassCover’s Relief Teacher Association.  To take advantage of this training follow this link to the Class Cover website: https://www.openlearning.com/classcover/courses/SocialMedia/HomePage

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