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Parent attendees of our Face-to-Face Workshops:

Hello Tricia
Thank you so much for your valuable insights and encouragement. Both my wife and I feel more empowered about the impact on our privacy from all social media platforms. There are many people who claim to be experts on social media, but it was clear that you have excellent understanding of the privacy settings, device engagement combining this with practical strategies for working with your children in understanding the potential risks and responsibilities that are needed in this digital world.
We can only thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience in your workshops. Our daughter is now responsible for the social media content for our three (3) brands. 
Peter Wolff
Note from EOSMS:  Thank you for your recent feedback Peter.  It was fantastic to hear that the workshop you attended with your daughter a couple of years ago, has given your daughter the confidence to proactively use social media to promote your family’s three brands, with the confidence to keep her own personal information secure and ensuring she is not putting herself at risk.  This is a fantastic example of the positive use of social media platforms that is the core vision for Eyes Open Social Media Safety programs!

Parent who used our online course with their children:

Hi Tricia,

Wow, it was such a relief being able to set up our daughter’s Facebook account using the online course provided by eyes open social media. The course was easy to use and engaging. Thanks Eyes Open Social Media.




Adult user of our online courses:

Hi Trish,

“I have found that eyes open media is a wonderful and very useful workshop. I learnt the importance of securing my social media profiles and how I could easily do it. The workshops were very easy to understand, explaining step by step how to apply it in my Facebook. I am very happy and more relieved to know that what i share in my social media network is controlled and secure. 
I thank the eyes open social media team for an excellent workshop 🙂 “
Catalina Adarme-Vega. PhD

School testimonials:

Hi Tricia

We welcomed Tricia to Churchie Prep to work with both our boys and their parents. She was well prepared, age-appropriate and easily modified her workshops to meet the needs of her audience. Tricia responded to all questions and concerns in a manner that was open and honest, but also developmentally appropriate. She succeeded in finding the balance between encouraging the internet for all of the good it can give, but also warning of the inherent dangers, especially with the inappropriate use of social media.  We will definitely be inviting Tricia back to Churchie Prep School again!

Lisa Kraft Deputy Head of the Prep School – Curriculum


Tricia’s presentation challenged our students to reflect on their ‘safe’ use of social media. Most importantly, the significance of protecting themselves while enjoying the digital world was reinforced in a practical and engaging manner. Parents also gained insight in their session about how social media is being used by their children, and gained practical knowledge about how to support them in creating safer accounts.

I would highly recommend both the student and parent information sessions, and the practical workshops to anyone who is already using social media or is likely to use it in the future (children/teenagers/adults). Participants of all ‘ability levels’ commented on the thought-provoking nature of the information presented.       

Louise McGuire
Head of Junior School