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Eyes Open Social Media Safety are proud Trusted eSafety Providers delivering social media safety programs, in schools, across Australia.

We can create a package specific to the needs of your school, including components of the below programs.

Social Media Safety - In-Class Workshops
In-class Children Workshops/Presentations

Eyes Open Social Media Safety programs are presented at six levels according to the audience age and are designed to address the Australian Curriculum requirements for Information and Communication Technology.

According to the size of the group, our program can be run as an information presentation or as a hands-on workshop, giving the children a chance to interact and thoroughly absorb the concepts being discussed.

Our in-class workshops can be facilitated by Eyes Open Social Media Safety staff, or we can provide everything you need for your teachers to run fully support workshops with their classes.

For more information, please call Dan on 0402 594 108 or email [email protected]

Parent Awareness Sessions
As a follow-on to the in-class program or as a stand-alone address, to engage parents in the school’s social media awareness process, we can present a 1 hour (plus questions) parent information session.  This presentation helps parents/carers to:

  • Develop an overall understanding of how social media is used by children.
  • Understand what controls are available to help create safer accounts.
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively communicate with children about protective behaviours they can adopt.

Organised by the school or P&C, these sessions have been highly successful in raising the awareness around the need for parents to become involved in their child’s use of internet enabled devices and social networking.  Many of our schools are introducing the “one to one” computer programs and are inviting parents to learn about how they can lead, assist and be involved in their child’s development to become a responsible digital citizen.

For more information, please call Dan on 0402 594 108 or email [email protected]

Teacher Professional Development - At Your School
To ensure consistent messaging, we encourage schools to participate in one of our professional development sessions for their teachers.  We have several different delivery methods, to cater for both face-to-face and self-paced learning.

Depending on the outcomes the school is looking for, we can train your staff wish awareness, to carry on the conversations with students, or with comprehensive training, for your staff to provide on-going training for students throughout the year.

To find out more please call Dan on 0402 594 108 or email [email protected]

Overuse & Addiction Program
As a part of our social media and screen overuse and addiction program, we have recently launched our Digital Detox Challenge.

Tricia and Dan Munn and the Eyes Open Social Media Safety team have been presenting awareness sessions and hands-on workshops, in schools, businesses and community organisations since early 2012.

Whilst we still have a strong focus on social media safety and the steps people can take to better protect themselves while enjoying the digital world, we are now also highlighting the need to maintain a healthy digital diet.

The recent launch of our Overuse and Addiction Program highlights the effects and early warning signs of overuse and addiction to both social networking and online gaming.

During a new one hour presentation, suggestions for practical techniques you can take to regain or maintain a healthy balance of device use are provided and attendees are invited to participate in our digital detox challenge.

If you would like to have us introduce your school or organisation to the challenge, please contact us at [email protected] or through our contact page.