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Providing education about the risks & dangers associated with social media use, the knowledge and empowerment to immediately apply privacy & security with easy to follow practical solutions, to ensure the maximum enjoyment and the lowest risk is achieved when interacting in the digital world.

Tricia Munn

(Managing Director & Speaker)


Tricia Munn has just one goal. To protect school aged children, families and adults from the widespread dangers that exist on social media networks. Through personal experience, years of diligent research and investigation, Tricia has identified critical problems in the security functions provided on all major social media platforms. Bullies, predators and harassment have flourished on social media and Tricia has discovered that poorly understood security settings are enabling the worst forms of online behaviour. Not satisfied to have simply discovered the depth of the problem, Tricia has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive solution to very harmful anti-social behaviour online. Tricia’s unique solution has been embraced by schools around Australia and, for the very first time, is now available to every family through a series of low cost, time-efficient online courses. Tricia’s dream is to help every family keep their children safe on social media while they are still able to enjoy the tremendous relationships to be had online.

Dan Munn

(Business Development & Research Manager)


After a long and successful career working as an exercise physiologist and health researcher, Dan Munn was well and truly bitten by the social media safety bug when he met his spirited wife-in-waiting, Tricia. A passionate marriage lead to a passionate career pivot with Dan taking the helm as Eyes Open Social Media Safety’s chief of Research and Development. 

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A father of five children and primary carer to their youngest child, Dan is perpetually motivated to bring the issue of social media safety into the hearts and minds of every Australian school and family. As the holder of an esteemed Masters of Research, Dan is wholly committed to driving deep into the issues of online bullying, harassment, predators, identity theft and poor digital footprints. But most importantly Dan seeks the most effective solutions to a constantly evolving problem that creates an unsafe social media world for children and families everywhere. Dan wants everyone to know exactly how to protect themselves on all major social media platforms. He is integral to Eyes Open Social Media Safety in delivering this message to schools and to the development of its new series of cheap and effective online courses for families.

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Chris Watson

(Content Advisor)


Chris is a former law enforcement officer with over 20 years experience in computer related investigations.  

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Chris spent 12 years in the City of London Police where, as a Detective in the crime scene investigation unit, Chris was responsible for building the computer crime unit. As part of this unit, Chris investigates a broad range of crimes including those related to the exploitation of children, fraud, blackmail, hacking and theft.  He worked closely with numerous fraud investigation teams and the Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Credit Card Unit in London, where he assisted in the investigation of major frauds and a variety of cheque and credit card crimes. Since moving to Australia, Chris has worked for Big 4 and Mid-Tier Accounting firms in their forensic practices.  During this time he conducted investigations into numerous matters including the theft of intellectual property, fraud, employee misconduct, bribery and corruption and identity theft.

Darren Hopkins

(Content Advisor)


Darren is a highly respected, qualified investigator and forensic technology expert with more than 20 years of specialist forensic experience and more than five years as a foundation member of the Forensic Computer Examination Unit with the Queensland Police.

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Held in high regard by attorneys and the courts, he has undertaken complex computer forensic examinations for both criminal and civil litigation in Australia and overseas.

He works regularly with boards, executives and senior business leaders in organisations of every size to consider and set technology strategies for cyber, privacy, data protection and information risk management. His extensive experience spans across a wide range of industries, including business services, construction, entertainment, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, leisure, manufacturing, retail and technology.

He also regularly applies his digital forensic and investigative expertise to help resolve time-critical and highly sensitive issues as they arise. These matters range from large-scale data breaches or theft, through to employee misconduct or intellectual property matters.

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