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Overuse and Addiction Program

As a part of our social media and screen overuse and addiction program, we have recently launched our Digital Detox Challenge.

Tricia and Dan Munn and the Eyes Open Social Media Safety team have been presenting awareness sessions and hands-on workshops, in schools, businesses and community organisations since early 2012.

Whilst we still have a strong focus on social media safety and the steps people can take to better protect themselves while enjoying the digital world, we are now also highlighting the need to maintain a healthy digital diet.

The recent launch of our Overuse and Addiction Program highlights the effects and early warning signs of overuse and addiction to both social networking and online gaming.

During a new one hour presentation, suggestions for practical techniques you can take to regain or maintain a healthy balance of device use are provided and attendees are invited to participate in our digital detox challenge.

If you would like to have us introduce your school or organisation to the challenge, please contact us at [email protected] or through our contact page.