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You can keep up to date with current scams in Australia at Scamwatch.

Reporting to ACCCE

For sextortion of people under 18 years of age.


You can report people trying to blackmail you for intimate images at ACCCE.

Prevent non-consensual sharing 

Of your intimate images


Take it down can help to get images and videos of you taken down from some social media sites.

Broncos Leagues Club Workshop


Reach out to talk to someone


eSafety have a number of different contacts for you to call if you need help. 

Signing up for Microsoft Authenticator

Authentication app


You MUST back up your authentication app to ensure that your codes aren’t lost if you lose your phone. 

To back up your account you need to sign into a microsoft account.  If you don’t have a microsoft account, use this video to sign up. 


Adding Microsoft Authenticator

And backing it up


When you add an authentication app to your phone, you must make sure it is backing up to the cloud to ensure you don’t lose your codes if you lose, break or change phones.

This video shows how to back up your app.


Recovering your codes

On a new phone


When you get a new phone, you can use this video to see how to recover your codes from your cloud backup.

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