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Keynote Speaking/Presentations

Outdoor Furniture Specialists Annual Conference

Social media awareness is a highly relevant topic affecting all levels of business and society. The fact is  social media is here to stay and is a rapidly expanding force shaping the way we all communicate inside and outside work.

Raising the awareness of business leaders, managers and staff therefore makes for a highly relevant, engaging and memorable topic to include for work conferences and staff training days.

Tricia Munn is a highly experienced and passionate presenter who will provide a unique eye opening experience into the world of social media awareness.

Each presentation can be customised towards  the audience and work environment to enhance the relevance of the content, however the typical themes discussed are:

  • Social media devices such as iPods, iPads, mobile phones, home computers & entertainment products such as Play Station and X-Box
  • The viral nature of social media
  • The dangers and pit falls of social media
  • Providing easy to understand and practical tools to address social media issues at work and the home environments
  • Providing the technical skills to guide other employees, family members and children towards more secure social media use