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For Schools


Eyes Open Social Media Safety are proud certified providers

for the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner delivering

social media safety programs, in schools, across Australia.


We can create a package specific to the needs of your school, including components of the below programs.

In-class Children Workshops/Presentations

Eyes Open Social Media Safety programs are presented at six levels according to the audience age and are designed to address the Australian Curriculum requirements for Information and Communication Technology.

According to the size of the group, our program can be run as an information presentation or as a hands-on workshop, giving the children a chance to interact and thoroughly absorb the concepts being discussed.

Parent Information Presentations

As a follow-on to the in-class program or as a stand-alone address, to engage parents in the school’s social media awareness process, we can present a 1 hour (plus questions) parent information session.  This presentation helps parents/carers to:

  • Develop an overall understanding of how social media is used by children.
  • Understand what controls are available to help create safer accounts.
  • Gain the knowledge to effectively communicate with children about protective behaviours they can adopt.

Organised by the school or P&C, these sessions have been highly successful in raising the awareness around the need for parents to become involved in their child’s use of internet enabled devices and social networking.  Many of our schools are introducing the “one to one” computer programs and are inviting parents to learn about how they can lead, assist and be involved in their child’s development to become a responsible digital citizen.

Teacher Professional Development

To ensure consistent messaging, we encourage schools to participate in one of our professional development sessions for their teachers.  We have several different delivery methods, to cater for both face-to-face and self-paced learning.

Depending on the outcomes the school is looking for, we can train your staff wish awareness, to carry on the conversations with students, or with comprehensive training, for your staff to provide on-going training for students throughout the year.

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For Families & Individuals

Are your kids safe on social media or when they are online gaming?   


Most parents will agree that trying to navigate their child safely through the minefield of their online interests could be closely likened to trying to eat jelly with a fork.

Predators, cyber-bullying, identity theft, sexting and what about their digital reputation when they get to employment age?

Which is the biggest concern, or should we say, which is our biggest concern today?

If you haven’t been to a Cyber Safety session lately, maybe it’s high time you made the time.  Times have changed and Eyes Open Social Media Safety are determined to make your job, as a parent, as easy as possible.

We can’t give you a clear enough picture of WHY you need to be interested, in a short article in this event advertisement, but we can give you some questions to get you started:

  • Some SNAPCHAT stories do NOT disappear after 24 hours
  • “Ghost mode” doesn’t stop your child from telling people where they can be found
  • Teaching a child to secure INSTAGRAM is a 1.5 hr workshop
    • It’s NOT one setting
    • Some info can still be found about your child even with PRIVATE ACCOUNT activated
  • If you are focusing on checking who your child is talking to, when they are online gaming, you may be MISSING who is LISTENING to your child
    • Predators can listen and collect info on online games

If you are still overwhelmed, you now understand why we created Brisbane’s only comprehensive, hands-on workshops for parents and children and a huge range of themed online courses.

Come along to a FREE Parent(s) ONLY information session or book into one of our many social media and gaming account security workshops, to find out the easy steps you can take to reduce the risks for your children.

We will be discussing all of the risks, including online predators, cyber bullying, identity theft, inappropriate content, (intimate images etc) and the creation of a digital footprint that reaches further than expected and can sometimes have damaging consequences.

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For Business

Staff Training on Safer Use of Social Media

A company’s staff is their greatest asset, so helping to keep them as safe as possible is imperative.

In 2018 most adults are engaged in social media activities, whether it be for work or to engage with their children.  There are obvious and some not-so-obvious risks associated with using social media in the absence of a good education about how to use it safely.

Eyes Open Social Media Safety have a wide range of programs and workshops with several different delivery methods to assist your staff with taking practical, easy to apply steps to minimise the risk for themselves and their family.

All of our programs can be tailored for your organisation and time frames.

“Lunch-and-Learn” Workshops

This workshop is best run in groups with each participant having access to a computer and mobile device during the session. We will teach your staff what the possible risks associated with social media are, why they need to apply strong and effective security and HOW TO apply the privacy and security on their favourite sites.

The program can be presented with content varying to suit your staff’s level of social media use and specifically targeting the sites that they are using.

Corporate Workshops cover:

  • how to apply effective privacy  and security settings
  • how and why they need to shut down any unused accounts
  • your company policies and staff responsibilities on social networking sites

Social Media Safety Presentations

Social Media is playing a much more prominent role in business than ever before. Whether you require your staff to promote your business on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, or you have suggested that they use LinkedIn to build their business network and client base, you may have a duty of care to provide appropriate training in safety and the dangers that can be presented from social networking use.

We can present at your corporate retreat, training day, monthly meeting or staff induction.

Presentations include how your social media policy is linked to your current:

  • codes of conduct;
  • anti-bullying and harassment policy;
  • email policy; and
  • ethical use of social networking in the workplace

All of our programs can be tailored for your organisation and time frames.

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